Dallin h oaks dating v hanging out

(December 23, 1805 – June 27, 1844) was an American religious leader and founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement.When he was twenty-four, Smith published the Book of Mormon., I shared the opinion of knowledgeable observers that dating has nearly disappeared from college campuses and among young adults generally.

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We sing: Tho the heavens depart and the earth’s fountains burst, Truth, the sum of existence, will weather the worst, Eternal, unchanged, evermore. Smith: We believe in all truth, no matter to what subject it may refer.

No sect or religious denomination in the world possesses a single principle of truth that we do not accept or that we will reject.

Sister Oaks and I are thrilled to be here in Pocatello and to be in this Pocatello, Idaho, institute for a broadcast this evening that goes to many places in the world.

For the benefit of the audiences out there, I want to say what a large group of young adults we have in the Pocatello area.

We are willing to receive all truth, from whatever source it may come; for truth will stand, truth will endure.

The existence and nature of truth is one of the fundamental questions of mortal life.This is a remarkable community of Latter-day Saints in southeastern Idaho, and we feel especially blessed to be here on this occasion to originate this CES broadcast.When I spoke to this audience at a CES fireside in May 2005, I spoke about dating and hanging out.These subjects were not chosen because they are uniquely your concern as young adults, like the dating, hanging out, and marriage I described to this audience some years ago.My treatment of truth and tolerance will invite you to consider and to teach these twin subjects because they are vital to the rising generation, in which you are the senior members. We believe in absolute truth, including the existence of God and the right and wrong established by His commandments.Today I am so happy to be here with my husband Steve. What is the best part—running the marathon and crossing the finish line or preparing to run a marathon?

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